Geotab Installation, Support Guides and Trouble Shooting Resources

Geotab Installation, Support Guides and Trouble Shooting Resources

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How to Install Geotab's 16-Pin T-Harness Fleet Management Device

How to Install Geotab Universal 9-Pin Heavy Duty T-Harness

The Install Tool to use when installing the GO device

  • Make sure they take pictures of the installation location and also a close up of the actual device
  • Email the images to
  • Enter the Unit # and the Company Name in the subject line

Standard Installation Guide


Advanced Installation Guide


Quick Notes on the GO Device LED Lights and Sounds on Installation

LED Status Indicators

The device has three LEDs that indicate its status:

  1. Red LED
    • Indicates that the device has detected ignition (Engine ON) and is powered on.
      • For Electric Vehicles (EV), the Red LED indicates the vehicle is ON, or that the vehicle is currently charging.
  2. Green LED
    • Indicates that the device has connected to a cellular network.
  3. Blue LED
    • Indicates that the device has obtained a GPS signal.


When the vehicle ignition is turned off, the device powers down and enters Sleep Mode. To ensure the device remains connected in Sleep Mode (and to check for firmware updates), the device periodically pings the server.

In Sleep Mode, the device pings (or “heartbeats”) every 30 minutes for the first two days. After two days, the device heartbeats once every 23 hours.

Audio Status

When the device powers on for the first time after installation, it enters the Troubleshooting Beeping Mode to assist with the installation for the first two trips.

The Troubleshooting Beeping Mode has various beep indications:

  • Six short beeps when power is detected.
  • One short beep when a change in ignition state is detected.
  • Two short beeps when searching for cellular connection (occurs periodically).
  • Three short beeps when a cellular connection is established.
  • One long beep when GPS is connected.
  • Continuous short beeps when firmware is being updated (depending on network connection, this can take around 30-60 seconds).
  • Audio confirmation for IOX-AUXM inputs.
    • When an input is triggered, the device will beep the same number of times as the input number. For example, AUX1 beeps once, AUX3 beeps three times, and AUX5 beeps five times.

Beeping mode is also enabled during device configuration or when log debug is enabled.


A complete guide to all Geotab installation resources


Geotab Device, Harness and IOX Support Documentation

Troubleshooting Video for a device that is not communicating

 Troubleshooting and Maximizing Device Uptime Video

Troubleshooting a device that is not communicating after installation

How To troubleshoot a GO Device not communicating (while you are at the vehicle),working%20in%20the%20existing%20vehicle.


  • GO Device


  1. Ensure the GO Device is properly added to your database
  2. Verify there are no device faults in the MyGeotab page
  3. Verify the vehicle is in area of good coverage
  4. Power on the vehicle and ensure the GO Device is lighting up 
    • If NO lights are appearing on the GO Device while the vehicle is powered
      • Verify we have power coming from the vehicle port 
        • If this is not possible, test device in another working vehicle
        • Check to ensure fuse has not blown
      • Verify we have power coming from the harness if applicable 
        • Install the device without harness
        • Install/test the device with a different harness
      • Verify there is no visible damage to the GO Device or the harness 
    • If  ONE light illuminates and the rest flashes while the vehicle is powered
      • The GO Device may be provisioning. Allow it to sit for approximately 10 minutes with ignition on all 3 lights should be solid at this point
  5. If NO green “cell light” when vehicle is powered
    • Remove and reinsert the device (power cycle). Once installed, a GO Device needs to download the latest firmware in order to activate.  This normally takes 10-15 minutes in an area of good cellular coverage.
    • It is recommended to try the same steps in another vehicle if these steps are not working in the existing vehicle.

 How To Connect a Three Wire Harness


  • GO device
  • Harness


To install a Three Wire Harness, connect the wires as follows:

  • BLACK — The GROUND wire which must be connected to a known good chassis ground.
  • YELLOW — The ignition sense wire which must be connected to a true ignition source (live with the key is in both the ON and RUN positions, dead when the key is off). The fuse size is 5 A.
  • RED — The constant power (12V or 24V) wire which must be connected to a true battery source (live at all times). The fuse size is 5 A.

Additional installation and safety details are found in the  Three Wire Harness - Installation Manual . Please ensure that this manual is reviewed prior to installation.



  • The red and yellow wires must connect to a fused source, or the user must install the fuses
  • Vehicles that do not have an OBD port require a Three Wire harness to connect to the GO device
  • HRN-CW03K3 additional installation document